About Libby

Hi there. I’m Libby Cortez, and I help people and businesses with writing and marketing.

I work with brands of every shape and size. But I’m especially passionate about helping

  • Small- to medium-sized businesses & organizations
  • Startups & entrepreneurs
  • People who are thinking about starting their own thing

But how do I help? And how did I end up here? Of course you want some specifics (even if I’d rather talk about you and your big dream).

So here’s the quick version:

A Bit of Background

A natural-born writer, creative, and big-picture thinker, I’ve been perfecting the craft of communication since 3rd grade, through graduate school, and onward into almost 20 years as a professional content ninja and marketer-of-many-hats. (Want more boring details? Checkout my LinkedIn profile for the yada yada.)

So what’s all that mean for you? It means experience, insight, and creativity. All of which comes in very handy for the people and businesses I work with.

They ask me to do things like this:

  • Write, write, and write some more
  • Create & manage content programs, from the concept to the rollout to the all-important words themselves
  • Guide early-stage brands through strategy & “what do we do next?” (one of my all-time favorite things to do)
  • Plan & implement marketing programs
  • Help re-imagine existing brands
  • Publish content to support entrepreneurs, leaders, and dreamers

Despite over 2 decades’ experience in writing and digital marketing, I’m still instinctive and insatiable in my thirst for new ideas.

P.S. I also write books. (And love it.)

How Can I Help?

A longtime freelance writer and editor, I’ve fused an advanced education in creative communication with a professional background in marketing management and strategy.

The result: a girl hardwired to help your business bring its message to the world in powerful and innovative ways.

But at the end of the day, the driving force behind my business is my genuine desire to help. It’s what I’m here for.

So don’t be shy.

Step one: get in touch so we can talk about your big dreams, pressing goals, or messy challenges. (Or all of the above.)

If I’m the right helper for you, great. But if not, I’ll tell you—and connect you with anyone I know who might be the right fit.

Feel free to request samples of my work or connect with me on Linkedin to learn more about my background.