Small businesses deserve smart marketing. Just like the big boys, but concentrated.

Because small businesses dream big. It’s our first step toward greatness.

Next step: share that dream with the worldand make it sing.

But we’ve also got a big problem:

The world seems to think we should either

  1. Spend big agency bucks for “custom” marketing programs
  2. Fit into a box & buy into formulaic marketing “solutions”

Forget it.

You need a plan for you. Because your business has different goals, offerings, customers, and competitors than the 7 kazillion other businesses out there.

So don’t buy into the 2-paths-only story. It’s a makeup story.

If you were a toddler at bedtime, maybe a makeup story would be fun. (Although I’d recommend adding some dragons.)

But you’re not a toddler at all. Not anymore. These days, you’re an entrepreneur, small business, personal brand, startup, or medium-sized business.

In short, you’re YOU. Uniquely. So molds don’t apply.

What does apply?

Marketing that’s made just for you – thought out just for you.

Turns out, I crush hard (in a completely non-creepy way) on businesses that are small, lean, & dreaming – or at least hoping to be just that.

Which means I want to talk to you. And share ideas. It’s what I do. (Actually – almost annoyingly – I pretty much can’t not share ideas.)

So get in touch and tell me about your big dream. There’s a really good chance I’ll start spouting off ideas and suggestions for next steps that you can farm out or implement yourself. And an outside chance that I’ll tell you how I can help.

If I do end up jumping in, I might function as a sort-of marketing director for hire – an outside brain who can

  • Consult
  • Create strategy
  • Plan & implement marketing programs (with my team or as part of yours)
  • Wrangle the content monster…as gracefully as possible
  • Write the pants off pretty much anything

In general, I help navigate today’s ever-changing mix of marketing channels and resources. Goal: design & share messages that resonate in all the right places.

So let’s talk, shall we?