As a Creative, there are constant battles raging in my brain.

Battles between the idea and the doubt.

Battles between the imagination and the reality. Reality that seems to laugh at the bizarre machinations of my brain – long before those machinations ever bloom into anything at all.

Battles between the process and the outcome – a battle of implying/deceiving/convincing/etc. that the process cannot have meaning without an end-game.

As if the process is not an end-game in & of itself.

As if we need a guaranteed outcome in order to create at all.

This is a lie.

C.S. Lewis knew it was a lie when he imagined a lamppost & a fawn, wrote Narnia into being, & suddenly Aslan came “bounding in.”

Rainer Maria Rilke knew it was a lie when he told us to live the questions now.

Tolkien learned it was a lie as he feared the chopping down of his “internal tree” and wrote his masterpiece anyway.

Meow Wolf knows it is a lie.

Its very existence is a process. And a creative product. All at once.

Kind of like a life.

We all need more Meow Wolf in our lives.

And more kids. Because Meow-Wolf type creative processes make 100% sense to them, 100% of the time.

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