Dear readers,

As a marketing & content ninja emerging from the wreckage of the mom’ing-toddlers years, I find myself singing the refrain to I See the Light pretty often these days (and not only because my daughter’s requesting a sing-along).

There’s more space opening up in my juggling circus of work-life integration. With that glimmer of space, I’m able to listen more. And as I do, I notice another space-related situation—this one not so good. It involves noise noise everywhere—chatter that can take up useless and even stress-inducing space in my clients’ brains. It sounds kind of like this:

“Blah blah marketing. Blah blah Facebook group. Blah blah easier, faster. Blah blah Instagram. Blah blah work from home. Blah blah paid tool. Blah blah list building. Blah blah guru.”

Enough with the gurus! Enough with the “blah blah tactic” distractions! Let’s get the horse back in front of the cart. As a horsewoman, that’s exactly the project I’m taking on—helping horse, cart, and all navigate the noisy mess that some in my niche have created.

Because amidst the noise, there’s good stuff out there! Great stuff, in fact. But without an experienced guide, it can be hard to sort the garbage from the gold.

With very real experience and opinions in the areas of small-business marketing and start-your-own-thing vision, I’m ready to sort it all out for you. So I’m making a few changes. Here’s the backbone:

  • Businesses need marketing
  • Marketing brings with it an ever-expanding menu of options
  • Options belong behind vision and strategy in the get-it-done plan

Smart marketing isn’t about mastering X platform or mimicking Y guru. It’s about beginning with the foundation: vision, then strategy, then plan, then tactics.

But before I take this rant into too far a digression, here’s today’s point: I’m getting back to blogging—with some things the same and some things changing. Here’s what to expect:

What’s Not Changing

First, a look at how the content shared here will remain the same. I will still cover:

  • Marketing advice & insights 
  • Thoughts on writing, content in general, and content marketing in particular
  • Commentaries on branding, positioning, and campaigns
  • Posts designed for small- to medium-sized businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and those who are dreaming of starting their own thing

But I’m also adding some content—posts that may be of great interest to some of you and less interest to others. I want to mention this change upfront, so that when you see a future post that seems like a change in subject, you’ll know that it’s simply an addition—not a whole new direction for the blog.

What’s Getting Added

There are 2 components to my upcoming changes in content—one related to format, the other to topic.

Curated Content

On the format front, in addition to posts I’ve written all by my lonesome, I will also likely be sharing more and more content from other brilliant folks in the world. 

With so much great content out there (and loads of not-great content), it’s valuable to have a navigator—someone who will weed through the nonesense, unearth the golden nuggets, and point you straight to the good stuff. Even better if that navigator understands the space really well. So I’m morphing into 

  • 1-part curator of awesome info for small, medium, & getting-started businesses
  • 1-part author of samesies

Now on to the topical evolution you might see in future posts:

Mom-Life Truth

In addition to my passion for small businesses in general, over the past few years, I’ve developed a particular interest in helping

  • Women in business
  • Parents who have built or are hoping to build their own businesses
  • Moms who currently work, or who are considering or planning a return to work

Some of my future posts will likely appeal more directly to these audiences—often with a business or marketing focus, but not exclusively.

In parenthood, as in business and life in general, one of the greatest game-changers is vision-driven planning and decision-making. And any true and powerful vision will transcend the work-life boundary, flowing into the great big world of everything.

So as bits of that everything begin landing on these pages in the future, I hope you’ll stick around to see which ones are useful, entertaining, or thought-provoking for you & your big adventure.

Grateful for you all,



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