Meow Wolf & Creativity in Process

As a Creative, there are constant battles raging in my brain. Battles between the idea and the doubt. Battles between the imagination and the reality. Reality that seems to laugh at the bizarre machinations of my brain – long before those machinations ever bloom into anything at all. Battles between the process and the outcomeContinue reading “Meow Wolf & Creativity in Process”

12 Customer Gifts that Outshine Partridges in Pear Trees

This is a guest post from A link to the original piece appears at the bottom of this post. ‘Tis the season for getting inundated with fruit baskets, coffee mugs, and drab holiday cards from anyone whose customer list you’ve managed to land yourself on in the past year. In other words, ’tis the season of missed opportunities.Continue reading “12 Customer Gifts that Outshine Partridges in Pear Trees”

Grow Up, Get Young: A Manifesto on Imagination & Creativity

As a child, I played Marker People. It was a simple game, and one I inevitably played alone. (A bit too out-there for my friends to embrace.) But who needed friends? Or dolls? Or computers? In my tiny hands, a box of standard-issue Crayola markers came to life—not as drawing instruments, but as makeshift humanContinue reading “Grow Up, Get Young: A Manifesto on Imagination & Creativity”

You Say Tomato, I Say Content Marketing

A lot of my clients ask for help with their social-media efforts. And inevitably, we end up talking about content marketing. Or we launch a project to build out an e-mail marketing program. And…we end up talking content strategy. Or they say e-book, and I say content upgrade. They say info graphic, I say content magnet.Continue reading “You Say Tomato, I Say Content Marketing”

Writing in Rythm: 5 Tips to Help Your Words Sing

Part of my job is to make words sing. Words on blogs, websites, you name it. Usually, this means taking other people’s writing, chopping it up,  juggling it around, and tossing it back on the page (or screen, more often) so it sounds its very best. The meaning of the message doesn’t change in thisContinue reading “Writing in Rythm: 5 Tips to Help Your Words Sing”

How Often Should You Blog? The Answer is 3 Questions.

If anyone has ever told you how often to post to your blog, this goes out to you: Did this person know about your business? Or were they schooling you without any knowledge of what you do, basing their answer solely on some omnipotent bloggish brilliance? If it’s the former, then their input is likelyContinue reading “How Often Should You Blog? The Answer is 3 Questions.”