I’ve decided to start a new category on this blog, just featuring a few quick comments on brands that I FLIPPIN’ LOVE!

Top of mind: Poo-Pourri. This brand makes me feel slap happy and fancy all at once.

Poop-Pourri Instagram screenshot from Taco Tuesday boomerang
Screenshot: Poo-Pourri Instagram

One of my biggest pet peeves is designing brand strategies for companies that refuse to embrace what and who they truly are.

Poo-Pourri doesn’t have that problem. They not only embrace their product category (primarily spray to un-stink your potty break before it even begins), they do it with gusto.

And they nail it.

Poop-Pourri Instagram screenshot woman in blue dress throwing rolls of toilet paper
Screenshot: Poo-Pourri Instagram

This brand never takes itself too seriously. They inject highbrow potty humor in everything they do.

Yes, you read that right. I just used “high brow” and “potty humor” in the same sentence. And that combo is their superpower.

Poop-Pourri Instagram screenshot fashionable girl lounging on the toilet in heels
Screenshot: Poo-Pourri Instagram

Here’s their challenge (or what could have been a challenge if their brand brains weren’t so brilliant):

  • They have a product that’s designed for the bathroom – the toilet, in fact. Not a fancy world.
  • They have a high-end product, priced above your typical bathroom deodorizer. (Because it works like magic, probably.)
Poo-Pourri website screenshot from video outlining how product works
Screenshot: Poo-Pourri Homepage

In light of this market, did they choose to be all elegant and fancy?

Or all poo-focused and funny?


Their solution was to embrace the potty humor, but elevate it to an unexpected level of class.

Poo-Pourri mascot in blue dress holding product on toilet
Screenshot: Poo-Pourri Homepage

The result of this juxtaposition is smartly funny, strikingly unique, and totally lovable. While hitting all the right communicate-value and appeal-to-the-right-audience notes.

I even learned recently that they had a butt sketcher at their market booth this winter. What’s not to love about that?

Get Yo Butt Sketch'd Poo Pourri Booth at Atlanta Market
Photo courtesy of The Home & Garden Shop

Now stand your butt up and applaud these people.

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