So… I don’t usually do this. But I might be doing just a bit more of it over the next month or 2, because (have I mentioned?), I have book coming out, and my co-author and I have been working on some great guest posts in the lead-up to publication.

coins-with-a-plant-sprouting-out-to-represent-the-seed-of-motivation-money-providesSince I happen to think that this content is really valuable, I want to point you toward some of it for your own reading enjoyment. Much of it focuses on people management and leadership – topics that small business leaders need to sink our teeth into often.

Recently, on ExecuNet, we addressed a tip that I’ve come to love: pay your people more than they’re worth. Yeah, you read that right.

Why do this? Because, while money is not the top human motivator, it is a very powerful tool for motivation – one managers can use to communicate value and expectations. In short, it’s a powerful instrument in your motivational symphony. And isn’t finding and motivating the right people one of the most challenging / rewarding / important aspects of what you do? You need all the rah-rah music you can get.

If you had tried to convince me of this approach a few years back, when I was just starting to bring freelance talent onto my team, I would have thought, “great idea, but no way.”

Now? Well, I’ve been known to ask for a person’s hourly rate, then tell them I’m not going to pay them that – that I insist on paying them more, that they’re worth more, and that they should never let anyone tell them different.

So yeah. I’m a fan of this.

For the full concept, check out this post on ExecuNet.


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